How do we find a balance between work and private life?

Maintaining a work-life balance has challenging post-pandemic. with the constantly changing work environment, it cannot be easy to wrap up your life which brings out a better quality of life. Many studies have shown the importance of healthy work and private life to bring overall life satisfaction and sustainable well-being to people.

Here are a few ways you can create integration between work and private life

Create a schedule

Line up your day carefully, with set office hours.

Have a ‘Yes-set’

Build the belief that you are capable of resolving difficulties or finding the resources to bring accomplishments.

Use Skeleton Keys

Like Skeleton is the bone structure of our body, identify the procedures that have worked for your problem before.


Life Integration > Work-life balance – Stop chasing work-life balance because there are more chances that you are never going to get it as your life and work are interconnected. In other words, there are higher chances that your personal life will impact your work life and vice versa. Try to focus on the more holistic approach called work-life integration which means focusing on how your work-life is integrated into your overall life.

Create better boundaries

Never put your complete quality of life in the hands of the company you are working for. If you don’t decide your limitations and schedule, your company will decide it for you and you might not like it

“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to-do list”.

-Michelle Obama, former First Lady

This blog was written under the expert guidance and feedback from Ms.Pooja Varma, Clinical Psychologist at Edited and Coordinated by Ram

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